"My son, Gavin, began using the Flowspoon at 4 months when we introduced rice cereal to him. He immediately grasped the concept of eating from the Flowspoon and accepted the cereal happily. Feedings for our family have always been a positive and pleasant experience, likely in part because we used the Flowspoon. I would recommend that parents use the Flowspoon when they begin the transition to solid foods."

-Jean Singer

A picture of a baby with a messy face feeding with a conventional baby spoon and another baby with a clean face feeding with a flowspoon.

What is Flowspoon?

Flowspoon is the first and only Baby Spoon designed to effortlessly transition baby from Bottle or Breast Feeding to Spoon Feeding.

Flowspoon is used when your baby is ready to transition to semi-solids like rice cereal.

Benefits of Flowspoon:

Designed by a veteran nanny with two decades of infant feeding experience who studied reflex and swallowing patterns of infants 4-7 months of age.

Minimizes the introduction of air that may aggravate reflux. Your baby can begin iron-fortified infant cereal with ease.

Less mess.

No BPA or Phthalates. FDA approved plastic.

Pediatricians caution against feeding infants cereal through a bottle, which can cause aspiration. Flowspoon is the solution.